Meet Our Crew

Growing up half Chinese and half Vietnamese, we live in a household that is always full of unique flavors cooking up in the kitchen.  At a young age into our teens, we were very lucky to travel to many different countries around the world, and each place we visited left us with new ideas and techniques to incorporate into our cooking.  Our heritage and the places we've been inspire the fusion cuisine that we love to create. We have always love different cultures back round and their foods, and believe that it allows us to be creative and playful with the items we introduce into our menu. We've learned to cook up anything from classic comfort foods to French cuisine, but in all our recipes, we love to add our own special twist. We believe that by using fresh, organic, locally-sourced and farmed ingredients, we can bring out the best flavors in every dish we serve. We hope you come give us a try and see for yourself the art we create.

- The Tran Sisters

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